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Poker Variations

Tired of playing the same old poker games over and over again? Now that you’ve found this page, you have access to hundreds of different poker variations, from the most popular to the most obscure. Poker has been around, in a form close to it’s present one, since the early 1800’s, and in that time it has developed countless variations. There are so many, in fact, that it is necessary to categorize them into five separate sections. If you’re looking for an especially unique poker experience, check out the Other Poker Variations section. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for rules to some of the more popular games, take a look at our Rules of Poker section (although the popular games are included in this section as well). Otherwise, browse the other sections below by clicking on the titles!

Draw Poker Variations
Players receive a full hand of five cards on the initial deal in these variations of poker. On every betting round, cards are then discarded and replaced with new cards in an attempt to make a good hand.

Stud Poker Variations
In most stud poker variations, players are dealt a certain amount of cards to begin with, and one more card is dealt each time a betting round is completed until a certain number of cards have been dealt. In some variations, the players are dealt all of their cards at the beginning, and reveal cards at certain predetermined times during betting rounds.

Shared-Card Poker Variations
Players are dealt a small number of cards individually at the beginning of these games, and then more community cards are dealt to the centre of the table that all players use. Texas Hold’em is a popular shared card poker game.

Other Poker Variations
These poker games don’t fall into any of the other categories, but still use the familiar poker hand rankings.


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